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Aviator Classic


Our Aviator glasses will allow you to both look and feel good all while being able to see the natural various shades of color around you. Our lenses are equipped with 100% UV protection, meaning your eyes will be safely protected from the harmful rays of the sun while being able to see the world in a whole new light. Titanium coated aviator lens D is in limited stock now!


Lens A (Universal):

  • Titanium coated.
  • Recommended for mild/moderate red-green color vision deficiency.

Lens B (Universal):

  • Mmost popular and effective lens for most users.
  • Titanium coated.
  • Recommended for strong/severe red-green color vision deficiency.

Lens C (Indoor Lens):

  • Designed specifically for lower lighting conditions.
  • Recommended for mild, moderate and strong red-green color vision deficiency.

Lens D (Protan):

  • Designed specifically for protan (red color vision deficiency).

Lens E (Tritan):

  • Titanium coated.
  • Designed specifically for tritan (blue-yellow color vision deficiency).


  • 100% UV protection.
  • Advanced light-filtering technology.
  • Outdoor & Indoor technology.
    • All of our glasses are designed specifically for bright environments, however, we have implemented the optimal indoor technology to help detect colors in lower lighting conditions.
  • Titanium coated lenses.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Designed in the USA.


Single vision or reading prescription (+$70) and progressive lens prescription (+$100) can be customized for your needs. Our Clip-on style is another good choice.

Please note: After completing your purchase please contact us here or send us an email to with your order number and prescription details.

* Prescription pairs take around 4-6 weeks for delivery.

* All prescription glasses are customized and non-refundable, so we highly recommend trying on non-prescription pairs first.


Product Type Frame Width (mm) Lens Width (mm) Temple Length (mm) Frame Height (mm) Bridge Size (mm)
The Casual TP-012 (A) GM-2 (D) TP-009TP-008* 136 54 142 36 16
Aviator Classic TP-006 (A) TP-035 (B) TP-036 (D) 136 56 144 48 13
Sport edition TP-017 (A) TP-028 (B) TP-016 (D) TP-005* 140 69 126 44 17
Wayfarer Classic TP-024 (A) TP-025 (B) TP-021 (C) TP-037 (D) TP-020 (E) 148 59 150 43 17
Children’s TP-022 (A) TP-030 (B) TP-042 (D) 124 48 136 33 19
Slimline Classic TP-032 (B) 143 56 147 40 17
Clip-ons TP-029 (B) TP-018 (A) GM-3 (D) TP-023TP-004* 130 40
Chromatic TP-125 (B) 56 142 19




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